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Congregational Songs

Congregations with
less than 100 worshippers

Congregational Songs

Congregations with
100-250 worshippers

Bring this music to your congregation! It's so easy. The Worship Resource Bundles contain EVERYTHING you need in order to use this music in worship - all in one simple download.

Let's Sing a New Church into Being!


  • Fully-notated piano accompaniment

  • Lead sheet for rhythm section: guitar, bass, and drums

  • Optional instrumental parts for C and B instruments. 


  • Bulletin insert in pdf and jpg formats

  • PowerPoints that include melody line notation!

    I believe that when we only project lyrics, we inadvertently tell our visitors that they are outsiders. By projecting words and melody, we provide everyone - long-time members and visitors alike - the same opportunity to participate.


Congregational Songs

Congregations with
more than 250 worshippers