The Last, the Lost, the Least [more than 250 worshippers]

"The Last, the Lost, the Least"

Words and Music by David Lohman


Jesus spent his life living and working on the margins of society, and working against the tyranny at the centers of power. This song is a call to return to the core of Jesus' ministry.


1. Jesus lived among the outcasts,

with the Last, the Lost, the Least;

and he offered them a welcome,

saying, "Come, and join the feast.

For the banquet hall is open,

see a place, set here, for you.

Enter in, lay down your burdens,

come and feast and be renewed."



And yet still today he’s asking,

"My dear friends, don't turn away.

Will you follow my example?

Love the outcasts now, I pray."


2. All their lives they'd heard the message

from the gatekeepers of God

that their lives were deemed unworthy,

they were sinful, broken, flawed.

But he said, "I'll never leave you

on the outside gazing in.

Leave your wounds and hurts behind you,

you'll find healing love within." Refrain


3. And yet, all these centuries later,

still the painful truth remains

far too many on the outside,

and the Church doors locked with chains.

So, we're called to loose those shackles,

fling the church doors open wide;

to extend a hand of welcome,

and invite them all inside. Refrain


4. Can we find the moral courage

now to finally heed his call?

For the Last, can we start proving

there is truly room for all?

For the Lost, can we go searching

'til at last they're safely found?

For the Least, can we uplift them,

stand them, firm, on holy ground? Refrain


© 2013 David Lohman Music

The Last, the Lost, the Least [more than 250 worshippers]