I Long to See [100-250 worshippers]

"I Long to See"

Words and Music by David Lohman


In those moments when we know that we cannot do it by ourselves, this song reaches out, groping into the darkness, trusting that somewhere, we will find God.



Oh, may my vision arise, I long to see You.

And drop the scales from my eyes, I long to behold

how every moment You're beside me,

and how my life with care you hold.

Oh, may my vision arise, I long to see.


1. O, help me stumble into sunshine

when in my darkest hours I grope.

God, in my lonely isolation

I long to see hope. Refrain


2. Now all around me cries of conflict,

revenge, and warfare never cease.

God, in the midst of such derangement

I long to see peace. Refrain


3. O, how I struggle with my demons

who daily would my bliss destroy.

God, in the depths of my depression

I long to see joy. Refrain


4. How many times the plight of others

so far away from me I shove.

God, in this state of self-obsession

I long to see love. Refrain


© 2007, 2014 David Lohman Music

I Long to See [100-250 worshippers]