Hearts on Fire [less than 100 worshippers]

Hearts on Fire (On the Road to Emmaus)

Words and Music by David Lohman


An exploration of the Road to Emmaus story, delving into the emotional turmoil of the disciples, fleeing for their lives after the crucifixion.



O God, our hearts are on fire;

our world’s been torn apart.

The future’s dark and uncertain

and we don’t know where to start.


1. Our hearts burn with anguish,

they burn hot with tears;

we believed that Christ would set our people free.

But now our dreams, they lie in ashes,

and most of us have fled,

and we're living in fear of what's to be. Refrain


2. Our hearts burn with sorrow,

they burn hot with grief;

only days ago, we saw you crucified.

And yet today the tomb was empty,

the stone was rolled away.

Is it true? Can it be? Are you alive? Refrain


3. Our hearts burn with questions,

they burn hot with hope

that perhaps it's not the end of all we shared.

Or are we foolish now to listen

to those who say you live?

Is it time to forget we ever cared? Refrain


© 2008 David Lohman Music

Hearts on Fire [less than 100 worshippers]