For All the Children [less than 100 worshippers]

"For All the Children"

Words and Music by David Lohman


This best-selling song is an anthem for the full inclusion of all of God's children into the life of the Church.


1. God, we gather as your people

to raise our song above,

and we dare to claim the promise of Your love.

Though the day may not yet be here,

we trust it soon will be

when your children will be free.



Oh, may our hearts and minds be opened,

fling the church doors open wide.

May there be room enough for everyone inside.

For in God there is a welcome,

in God we all belong.

May that welcome be our song.


2. Oh, we sing for all the children,

that one day they be free;

and we sing for generations yet to be,

that they never have a reason

to doubt that they are blessed.

May they, in your love, find rest. Refrain


3. Oh, we pray for all the young lives

cut short by fear and shame,

so afraid of who they are and whom they love.

May the message now be banished

that Your love is for the few;

may their faith in You renew. Refrain


4. God, we're working for the future

when children far and wide

can live their lives with dignity and pride.

As they grow in strength and stature,

may they join us hand in hand,

as against all hate we stand. Refrain


© 2007 David Lohman Music

For All the Children [less than 100 worshippers]