We'll Build a World [more than 250 worshippers]

"We’ll Build a World"

Words and Music by David Lohman


What does it mean to be a community of faith that strives to welcome all? “Come, join us,” is often the message! What is all-too-often implicit in that well-intentioned welcome is, “…and be just like us.” As people of faith, as followers of Jesus, it is so easy to brush aside any differences between individuals or groups of people because, after all, we’re all children of God, right? "Differences shouldn’t matter." "Love sees no color." But who gets to say what is different? Well, those in the dominant culture do. And here in America, that usually looks male, white, heterosexual, and cisgendered. So, anything that’s not male and white and straight and cis is either to be ignored or outright unwelcomed. When we do this, we’re asking people to leave important parts of themselves at the door, all in the service of fitting in. “But if you insist on showing us parts of yourself that are different, well, that just makes us uncomfortable, so we’d just prefer you’d leave and find someplace else to be.” Harsh, but it happens all the time.


The good news is that God wants us to be whole – as individuals and as the Body of Christ. No one in the Body of Christ can say to another, “I have no need for you.” (I Corinthians 12:21). God’s creation is gloriously diverse. And that is nothing to be feared! Rather, it is something in which to rejoice, for our lives will only be enriched the more we open ourselves to the wondrous diversity of God’s people.


1. We are different, you and I,

yet together, fates entwine.

Now we gather in this space,

joined in spirit, filled with grace;

bring your fullness, I'll bring mine,

and together we will shine.



Together, we'll build a world

where there's room for all to be;

a world where we'll live our lives

liberated, strong, and free!

This glorious future –

build it now with me.


2. As we labor toward that day,

don't let difference fall away.

Your uniqueness I will see,

and the same, please, see in me.

Thus we're valued, known and named,

honored, cherished, loved and claimed. Refrain


3. In this varied universe

all existence so diverse.

Filled with wonder, life so queer,

steeped in mystery, oft unclear.

Yet together, hand in hand,

we'll create that Promised Land. Refrain


© 2010, 2014 David Lohman Music

We'll Build a World [more than 250 worshippers]