Christ Is the Host [more than 250 worshippers]

7. Christ Is the Host

Words by the Community of Spirit of the Lakes United Church of Christ and David Lohman,

Music by David Lohman


No human authority has the right to say who is welcome at Christ's table, for Christ welcomes all.



Christ is the host,

Christ sets the table,

and Christ welcomes all,

Christ welcomes all.


1. Christ's invitation is open,

extended to us, one and all.

No exceptions, conditions, or limits;

come forth and answer the call. Refrain


2. Whether your heart's feeling burdened,

or whether your heart's light and free,

you are welcome to come to the table

Christ's love is here; taste and see. Refrain


© 2010 David Lohman Music

Christ Is the Host [more than 250 worshippers]