Believe Out Loud [less than 100 worshippers]

"Believe Out Loud"

Words and Music by David Lohman


A celebratory call for all of us to break the silence and put into action our faith in a God of limitless love.



It's time to believe out loud –

no more staying silent!

It's time to proclaim aloud

the faith that we hold dear.

It's time to reach out to the rejected.

It's time to stand up and say, "No more!"

It's time to declare a Word of Welcome,

bring everyone through the opened doors.

It's time to believe out loud,

It's time to be strong and proud,

It's time to believe, believe out loud!


1. Our God remains unchanging,

yet in so many ways

the Holy One's still speaking,

for this we offer praise.

Yet God's all-loving guidance

too often goes unheard.

But there is yet more wisdom

to break forth from God's Word! Refrain


2. If thoughts like love and justice

are more than hollow words,

we'll listen for the Spirit

and let our hearts be stirred.

We'll learn to think in new ways,

the doors we'll open wide.

The table's set and ready,

bring everyone inside! Refrain


3. The love of God is boundless,

we're never turned away.

And out of this abundance,

this gift we must repay.

We've got to stand with millions

who've heard the Spirit's call,

and shout it from the mountains:

“God’s love is meant for ALL!” Refrain


© 2010 David Lohman Music

Believe Out Loud [less than 100 worshippers]