Arise! [100-250 worshippers]


Words and Music by David Lohman

Inspired by Isaiah 60


A call to action, for us to rise and, with the Light of God as our guide, to create the kind of church and world as it ought to be. We are needed now, more than ever.



God calls to us, "Arise!"

It's time for us to shine;

the day we feared would never be has come.

No longer in the night,

our dreamings filled with fright,

behold now and rejoice our light has come!


1. Finally the endless night is over,

step out into the day, the gloom is gone.

Feel the warm light as it shines upon you,

reach out, embrace the dawn! Refrain


2. This will be a sign to all the nations:

God's reign upon the earth is finally here.

Say goodbye to sorrow and to suffering,

no longer live in fear! Refrain


3. Signs of devastation and destruction

will nevermore be seen across the land.

Never will we hear the sounds of violence,

in peace we all will stand. Refrain


© 2010 David Lohman Music

Arise! [100-250 worshippers]